March News

Ancient Greece has been our curriculum focus this month. Students used cardboard boxes to make a Trojan Horse and various materials to replicate Greek homes.   After learning about Socrates, they flexed their philosophical muscles by answering questions such as “What really makes people happy?” and “Do you think people are basically good?” Their answers were thought-provoking and God centered. 
Practicing measurement skills has kept Math interesting for the past few weeks! Students practiced measuring length, weight, temperature, and capacity using assorted measuring tools. They even discovered that Einstein, the school guinea pig, weighs 1.5 kilograms (almost 3 pounds).
Forty days ago, Ms. Linda helped us mummify some mice. After immersing them in a homemade natron mixture, we put them in our modern sarcophagi (Tupperware bowls) and let them be. We opened them on March 7th. We learned that mummifying works better if the sarcophagus isn’t completely sealed! She also helped us dissect some small fish that day. We managed to find the gills and intestines.
We are super excited that Sunnydale Academy will be coming on April 6th to do a gymnastics clinic with us. Your children are welcome to participate!!! The clinic will run from 1:15-3:00 in the school gym. A short performance will be given by the participants and Sunnydale at 3:30. We welcome everyone to come watch the show!