First day of school is August 22, 2016.  There is still room for new students.  Please call and set up an appointment to see about registering your child.  Tuition is $3000.00 for the year and can be paid all up front or over a 10 month period.  

TACS starts each morning at 8:00 a.m.  On Monday thru Thursday school is out at 3:30 pm. and on Friday school is out at 12:00 noon.     A hot lunch program is served Monday - Thursday. The costs $2.50 per meal and all meals are vegetarian.  

TACS offers the following additional classes as part of the tuition:  Spanish classes every day, Technology class, P.E., Art class and music are taught each week..  Every child is required to take a string instrument and the school does provide the instrument if you don't have one.  Piano lessons are available at an additional cost, payable directly to the teacher.  We also have a mastered reading teacher for the early grades.  

TACS is dedicated to training children to become more like Christ, strive for academic excellence,  to become life-long  learners of truth, service, and leaders to their communities.   They are encouraged to grow in their  integrity, faith and teachings of Jesus.